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Winchester Galleries presents FIVE, May 2 - 27, 2017

VICKY CHRISTOU, 50, immigrated to Canada from Melbourne in 1969, and is a graduate of the Emily Carr University of Art + Design. To the artist, creating abstract paintings is a way of encoding an idea of a personal experience. Her most recent work is composed of multiple layers of thick impasto, which work together to form a grid with incredible depth. These structured paintings act as metaphorical images, wherein the outer layer suggests protection for the less visible and enclosed interior. Simplicity is a crucial standpoint for the artist: black and white lend themselves to the product of objectivity, and work to keep viewers engaged with the sculptural nature.

, 41, brings a Fulbright Scholarship to the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, and an MFA from City University of New York to his painting practice. The Tacoma-based painter says: “My paintings operate in a landscape where myth must contain fact, where promise and beauty continually grapple with melancholy and isolation. And in this landscape people have found reason to be busy, the results of which are presented for our consideration. Strongly influenced by my native Pacific Northwest, as well as the American West in general, I aim to capture moments of a story of motivations and activities, always in tension: strange yet familiar, haunting yet beautiful, mournful yet celebratory.”

NEIL MCCLELLAND, 53, hails from the Gatineau Hills, Quebec. He now resides in Victoria, where he received his MFA from the University of Victoria in 2014. McClelland is a 2016 grantee of the internationally prestigious Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation. He has exhibited in artist-run, public and commercial galleries across Canada and he is a sessional lecturer at the University of Victoria. He has a passion for mark making and engages deeply with the history of painting. In his work, McClelland frequently engages with art historical conventions and traditions, intentionally disrupting their boundaries as he seeks to understand their meaning in an increasingly digitally-mediated world.

SEAN MILLS, 39, holds a BA in Visual Arts from Emily Carr University. Based in Vancouver, Mills explores his interest in light, transparency and especially pushing the boundaries of paint. His interest in the ability of paint to both occupy and contain space, its interaction with light, and the effects of time, labour, and process are all elements of Mill’s extraordinary sculptural paintings.

CAROLLYNE YARDLEY, 35, formerly a creative director in the tech industry, received a Bachelor of Art from the University of Victoria and also studied at the Visual Arts Department (Faculty of Fine Art, University of Victoria), Victoria College of Art, and The Ryder Studio School in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her paintings depict “Squirrealism” - a self-coined term used to describe her signature style of fine artwork employing squirrels, hybrid humans, and masks that have separated themselves into distinct bodies such as “meditation or spiritual striving”, “metamorphosis” and “identity” yet what they have in common is an ongoing investigation into the animation of the human existence.