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Winchester Galleries has had the pleasure of working with Luxe Home Interiors on several projects including show suites in the Oak Bay Beach Hotel and pop-up displays for Pacific Opera Victoria.

Our latest collaboration is right here in the gallery.

THE LIVING WITH ART GALLERY is now established on our lower level, and we’re delighted to invite you in.

Presented as a Great Room in a domestic setting, the gallery allows you to view work in situ. With a nod to smaller contemporary living spaces, fewer art walls and a minimalist attitude to assets generally, we’ve taken a less-is-more approach to selecting art for this new gallery.

Just a few large works anchor the small space and aim to engage all the senses.

Currently, one large work by Graham Fowler nestles within a casually elegant living-room aesthetic. Two graphite drawings of human figures by Brian Boulton balance the colors and bring human involvement into space. An idealistic architectural watercolor by Tristram Lansdowne in the dining area makes harmony with the living environment. Strategically placed objects d’art such as the whimsical ceramic canning jars of Victor Cicansky and Mel Munsen’s stylish glasswork add the finishing points of interest.

Please visit us soon to discover our latest exciting venture into art and design with Luxe Home Interiors.