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Louis Boudreault

Louis Boudreault


November 15 - December 22, 2019

Winchester Galleries is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition “Destinies”, by Montréal artist Louis Boudreault. A collection of cinematic freeze-frame portraits of famous and infamous people from a specific time period of their childhood at the time their personalities began shaping. Boudreault uses the special technique of collage to create layers of paper and graphite in a process of transformation and adaptation; often the portraits are floating with the edges left open. They show genius and power in embryo, but unmistakably present. This is what makes them particularly memorable, and they linger in the mind.

Louis Boudreault was born in 1956 at Havre-Aubert, Îles de la Madeleine in Québec. After his studies in literature and theater, he left for France, where he enrolled in École du Louvre in Paris to study fine art. In 1991, he began working full time as an artist, and in 1998, he returned to Québec and established a studio in Montréal.

When we look at a gathering of Boudreault’s portraits in a gallery on adjacent and facing walls, the words of British novelist Peter Ackroyd, return to haunt us “They were face to face, and yet they looked past one another at the pattern which they cast upon the stone; for when there was a shape there was a reflection, and when there was a light there was a shadow, and when there was a sound there was an echo, and who could say where one had ended and the other had begun? And when they spoke, they spoke with one voice.”

Jean Paul Riopelle
mixed media on board (graphite, charcoal, pastel, gouache, paper collage)
84 x 60 inches


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