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January 26 - February 17

Promise to Place

Building Relationship with the Land
Artworks by Toni Onley & David Ellingsen.

January 26 - February 17

Winchester Galleries is pleased to announce that our first exhibition of 2021 will feature photographs by celebrated local artist David Ellingsen and watercolours and oil paintings by renowned painter and collage artist Toni Onley. Through each artist’s mastery of their respective media, works selected for this show highlight the breathtaking landscapes of Canada’s west coast as well as environmental issues.

Canadian photographer David Ellingsen has captured important themes in his work over the years. Ellingsen’s projects primarily focus on environmental themes such as climate, biodiversity loss, and deforestation. Works presented in Promise to Place are from several of Ellingsen’s series including Silent Sea, Unknown Entities, and The Last Stand. Selected works from the Silent Sea are composite works that capture our relationship to our natural origins. On the other hand, pieces from Unknown Entities shed light on the environmental problems associated with man-made plastics and how these materials have impacted life in a myriad of ways. The Last Stand, inspired by environmentalism and Ellingsen’s family’s ties to the forest industry, provides striking representations of old-growth forests on Vancouver Island.

Toni Onley was a prolific artist and is widely known for his watercolours, oil paintings, etchings, and collages. His style is subtle and unadorned yet timelessly charming. We look forward to presenting a series of Onley’s watercolours that depict British Columbia’s rugged natural environment.


David Ellingsen
Unravelling Red in Veiled Blue, No. 1 (Fishing Buoy)
Pigment ink on cotton rag
40x50 inches
Edition of 5


December 1- January 23

BC Lighthouses

Extended until January 23, 2021


Winchester Galleries is pleased to announce the exhibition BC Lighthouses, colour woodcut prints by Graham Scholes, an experienced local artist. This exhibition celebrates British Columbia lighthouses as part of the cultural heritage. Scholes illustrates these architectural landmarks in their contextual environment and depicts their functionality through colour, light, and form. 

Only a handful of these British Columbia lighthouses are accessible by the highway; most of them are built on islands or rocky headlands far from the nearest road. But on the BC coast, most transportation is by water anyway. The extensive route network of BC Ferries interconnects the coast and many of the lighthouses can be seen from one ferry or another. Several lighthouses are landmarks along the Inside Passage used by popular cruise ships sailing to Alaska from Vancouver or Seattle.

Graham Scholes, born in Toronto, Dec 28th, 1933, residing in Sidney B.C. is a known artist/author/educator. He started his career in Montreal and moved to North Saanich on the “Island in the Pacific” 33 years ago. He is internationally known as a result of a book, "Watercolor and How", published by Watson-Guptill, New York. He worked with the watercolour medium for 20 years and has been feature in 2 other books.
For the past 23 years, he has worked with the medium of woodblock printmaking which has consumed his energies. He has two books “Let there be Light” on the subject of Woodblock Printmaking which has brought attention to his prints over the past 24 years. His website will direct you to an informative and teaching video on the process of woodblock printmaking.


Graham Scholes
colour woodcut
9.25 x 17 inches



November 2020

Oak Bay Beach Hotel Art collection: Lesley Finlayson

New Art Collection, November 2020

Winchester Galleries is pleased to announce a new art exhibition at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel in November 2020 composed of works by local artist Lesley Finlayson. Finlayson’s enchanting works depict the diverse natural beauty of Canada’s West Coast.
Spending time surrounded by the natural landscapes of Vancouver Island allows Finlayson to fully experience the elegance of the scenery that she portrays in her works. Finlayson begins her artistic process by creating drawings while she is outdoors. While working in her Victoria studio, she alters her paintings from memory and with the help of her drawings, but without the use of photographs. Although Finlayson begins her works on-site, she does not aim to create realistic depictions of the natural environment. Rather, she strives to achieve somewhat abstract, elegant interpretations of her surroundings through her use of colour, light, and texture.


River Vallery No. 1
oil on canvas
40 x 40 inches


November 2020

Bellewood Park Art Collection

Winchester Galleries is pleased to announce a new art collection at Bellewood Park Presentation Centre. This collection is a selection of abstract works by well-known Canadian artists, William Perehudoff and Greg Murdock. William Perehudoff is best known for his colour-field works that rely on vibrant colours and simplicity.

William Perehudoff is recognized internationally for his moving, expressive works. In his time at the Emma Lake Artist Workshops, he met several other influential colour-field artists including Kenneth Noland and Jules Olitsky. Over the course of his prolific career, he was awarded the Saskatchewan Order of Merit, the Order of Canada, an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws from the University of Regina, and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Greg Murdock is widely acclaimed for his mixed-media works. Having studied ceramics, sculpture, drawing, and bronze while in art school, Murdock has created a wide variety of works using an array of mediums. Perhaps some of his most captivating pieces are his polyhedron sculptures made of oil, encaustic, pigment, and graphite on composite wood.

William Perehudoff
acrylic on canvas
32 x 48 inches