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June 5-24, 2020

Local Compositions

Artworks from the Island

June 5-24, 2020.


Winchester Galleries is pleased to announce the Local Compositions exhibition as we reaching the warmth of summer. We are exploring the dynamic local art and focusing on the Island creations to support our talented local artists. The prosperous art creations on Vancouver Island range from abstract art to realism, and surrealism. We are aiming on demonstrating our homage to the brilliant Island artists through envisioning our local practices.

Local Compositions features the work of Vancouver Island artists Nathan Birch, Barbra Edwards, Terry Fenton, Doug Fraser, Jeremy Herndl, Ron Markham, Neil McClelland, and Greg Murdock.


Jeremy Herndl
oil on canvas
50.5 x 40 inches


June, 2020

Oak Bay Beach Hotel Art Exhibit

New Art Collection, June 2020


Winchester Galleries is delighted to announce a new art display at the Oakbay Beach Hotel in June 2020. A stunning hand-selected collection of Canadian sceneries showcasing nature’s wonders by the Canadian artist Greg Hardy. 

When Greg Hardy talks about expressing his emotional reaction to the land through the materiality of paint and canvas, he’s not referring to mere sentiment. For Hardy, prairie marshlands, hills, and skies are stage sets for blood-boiling dramas evoking awe, wonder, and melancholy. Billowing clouds are often the central players – ecstatic sculptural formations of invented colours that enter and exit voluminous skies.

Greg Hardy
Evening Hum
acrylic on linen
48 x 60 inches