In 1948-49 William Perehudoff was a student of Colorado Springs Fine Art Centre and in 1949-50 studied under Le Corbusier's former student Amedée Ozenfant in New York. Perehudoff has also attended various Emma Lake artists' workshops including the workshop led by Clement Greenberg in 1962 and the one led by Kenneth Noland in 1963.

For forty years, Perehudoff, through his artwork, has carried on a dialogue with both American colour field painting and the longer European abstract tradition. He has, it can be said, done so in a more sustained way than have any of his western compatriots. Moreover, it is not easy for an artist to show his work: Perehudoff's outreach through exhibitions has been singularly steady and influential.

Perehudoff's work typically juxtaposes figure with figure- they usually being bars or discs - and figure with ground. The matrix is one for the evolution of colour use, design, and art historical reference which inform his art.

The constructivist element of Perehudoff's work has been particularly evident at times, for instance in the 1990s. The style configures closely with that of Malevich, Olga Rozanowa, Tatlin, etc., but Perehudoff is unique; the scale of his constructivist work is frequently larger, its palette usually more developed, and the images often flatter.