The Adventures of JACK PINE

December 6 - 19, 2012
2260 Oak Bay Avenue

Thursday, December 6, 2012  
6 pm – 8 pm (Oak Bay gallery walk evening)
Jeff Molloy in attendance.   Karel Roessingh, pianist

Jeff Molloy spent many childhood summers in Ontario’s cottage country.  He already had a strong interest in art when he had the good fortune to meet celebrated artist, A.Y. Jackson, who was then the artist in residence at the McMichael Art Gallery in Kleinberg.

“We sat in the shade and chatted about art and life,” Molloy remembers.  “At the time, I didn’t really know who he was, but I liked his kindness and generosity as he shared his stories about art.  This made an indelible impression on me.”

Molloy went on to study art at the Victoria College of Art and has shown his work in galleries from Toronto to Fort St. John.

Jeff's work explores culture through cultural traits and Molloy has long been fascinated with Canadian history.  This thread can be traced back to his 1999 solo show in Toronto titled FIBRE OF A NATION that featured point blankets and hockey sweaters.

Mia Johnson of Preview Magazine describes Molloy as a Canadian artist whose work focuses on the cultural symbols of Canada.

Molloy says, “I want to create work that tells our story, our history.  And I think it's important to tell the whole story.”

Gregory Scofield, one of Canada’s leading aboriginal writers describes Jeff’s work as very powerful medicine that captures the spirit.”

Jeff employs a wide variety of distinctive techniques, tools, and personal processes that result in truly unique, instantly recognizable work. Jeff is curious.  His creativity shifts and twists in response to his materials.  Beeswax, tar, pigments, remnants of human civilization – all react differently to the tools and techniques he employs.  Carving, painting, sculpting, applying heat and blunt force all contribute to objects that may resemble paintings, yet may just as easily be mechanical and functional in nature.

To Molloy, line is a physical thing, something that is cut and gouged.  His surfaces are built up and scraped away.  Jeff uses homemade tools to draw, paint, carve and burnish his surfaces of wax and tar until they reflect their own history.

Molloy's latest exhibition The Adventures of JACK PINE, has its roots in Canadian lore.  Washed up canoe paddles, the hockey sweater, historical flags, and the blankets tell Canada’s rugged northern story in compelling colour and dimensions.

“Jeff Molloy's work has been capturing the spirit of Canada long before the rest of the world caught on during the Olympics.  He is one of this country's leading editorial artists and one of the most original artists at work in Canada today”.          Shelagh Rogers CBC Radio One